Every piece has a story.  Click on any image to enlarge and learn more about the title and size.  Below, we will tell the story behind each piece as we go.


Everyone of my wall hangings has a story behind it.  I will be featuring some of them in my blog as I create new ones, but here are a few of my favourites.

Candles From Africa

Candles From Africa. Educate a woman and allow her to work, that woman will take care of her family and community. Education nurtures hope,the possibility of water,food, shelter and the development of community.

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Homeless. Having no home. People's inability to share, augmented by greed and climate change is destroying the planet. By 2020, 2/3's of the world's wildlife will be extinct.

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I Have Dreams

I Have Dreams. Blue butterfly you. Red butterflies your dreams. Black butterflies your ancestors. The orb is passion, curiosity and fearlessness. Vines on the back, your doubts that hold you back. Break them.

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